Yellowstone Wolf Man and The American Dream

The analysis and debate of the tumultuous events in the Capitol, Washington are raging across the pages and the internet at the moment. They lurch between impeachment of Trump, to letting him slide into obscurity. Let me say, narcissists such as Trump, crave, seek, desire and must have constant attention. Ignoring them is the dagger in their heart and the most swingeing thing for them to endure. “Sending to Coventry” is a hugely powerful action. All humans need, acknowledgement and to be valued, and so every responsible leader and influencer across the institutions (not just government) of America must now completely ignore and emasculate Trump, and let him slide into obscurity forever.
Any attention given to him will be eagerly lapped up by him and give credibility to his claims and further galvanise his rump supporters. Do not even give them the “whiff of grapeshot” they so desperately crave.

All of America must now look to the future, and examine their systems of everything they hold dear. The American dream is riddled with racism, inequality and lack of opportunity for whole swathes of the country. Nothing exemplifies this more than Yellowstone Wolf Man’s rantings and indescribable rubbish spoken in his viral “you tube” outburst.
He is a product of a system that does not care about huge swathes of America, who are poorly educated, have easy access to high powered weaponry, have no decent social security or healthcare and who are encouraged by this environment, to be feral in keeping themselves safe, secure and well fed.
The American Dream, is just that and the majority of Americans have no or little access to it, when the Ivy League and “big business” hold all the levers.
And so, this helplessness breeds anger and despair and eventually violence.
Trump and people like him have created this lopsided society

The majority of decent, law abiding Americans must now sideline Trump, and look carefully at a political system which uses an unacceptable methodology of bringing people like him to office, and ignore his rants and diminish him into a mere byline of world history. The new administration must genuinely embark on change, change, change for ALL Americans !

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