Corona Corona

And, so how are you my friends?

As we find our solace in our lost and oft ignored trends.

The poem, the song from childhood dragged,

The brief vignette, let slip, from our emotional bag,

To bring a smile, an inkling of pleasure to this lonely life,

Of long rambling whiles.

The numbers displayed day after day,

Of people succumbed to the miniscule predator, roaming our shores,

Holding us captive and in it’s awe.

There is no help, there is no cure

And so humankind stands helpless, until struck down

By it’s rapacious turmoil and gore.

Flowerbeds of lives laying in grotesque rows,

Struck down too early, as if in war,

And so to the vistas in front of us,

An inevitable lore?

Never again, that which went before,

From now and forward!

To the sunrise and warmth.

Fear not my love, this path is wide enough for us all,

And so we can change this world at last, and walk forever tall.

Let me care for you all on the road from nowhere, to where we are all bound.

Together, together, onwards without faltering or stumbles to our calm and

pleasant sound.

Tod O’Brien


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