7/7 – The Aftermath

If God exists and is omniscient and omnipotent, was he present on this day?

Did he guide the hand of those wishing to create mayhem and destruction in his name or did he decide for those who died, it was their time? Did he decide that those who were injured would be stronger and more courageous to bear the pain of their injuries? Did he decide that the families and friends of those who were injured and killed should also bear the loss and hurt?

Maybe he was present but did not intervene in the affairs of humankind, merely creating the environment in which we are all independent agents. Does God exist and is he present in all human tragedy both historically and forever in the future?

Ten years on as all people effected by these tragic events seek solace in their God, if he exists, do they feel less pain and hurt as a result of the trappings of monuments, symbolism and public outpouring of sympathy and grief to their God? Is the same God, if he exists, present for the parents, brothers, sisters, family and friends of those who created the mayhem and is he present in their grief and unbearable loss?

So if God exists and does nothing, why would he be omniscient and omnipotent, all seeing all powerful and all doing and still remain a bystander?

It is mysterious and his mystery moves in many ways according to those who believe, but it is also illogical and baffling to us mere humans.

If God exists for you, then I hope he cares, because he does not exist for us all and please remember that when you speak with your God and maybe the question should be not, “Does God exist? But why do we need a God?”

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