The Golden Generation

We were the golden generation of “Baby Boomers” defined by the Second World War and the aspirations of our parents who served in it and wanted to cast off the sloth and shackles of class and deference.

Free schooling and University was our right and the world was our oyster, where we could create pearls which were only limited in size by how much grit we introduced to the shell.

We created music which changed the world and stopped wars through sheer dint of benign force. We helped people to understand that love was wholesome and could extend to others from different backgrounds and cultures. We would not accept anything less than equality for all. We invented the world wide web which you now take so much for granted when you talk directly and instantly to people you don’t even know,whenever you have a thought that you wish to share.   We wanted to ensure that people of the world were fed, housed and had the freedom to aspire to their own goals. We may come from council houses but then the majority did. Wherever we worked a pension was a right and rite of passage and loyalty paid dividends.Unbelievable as a child, we came to expect to buy our own quarter of an acre of god’s green land. Our children were well fed as food was plentiful, good for you and did not clog up our arteries. We discovered wine, summer holidays in the sun in exotic parts of the world, blazing a trail for our childrens gap years.We created the wealth which you now enjoy even though it has been temporarily stolen from you.

We now live in relative comfort, hated by the politicians and the political system we produced, defiled by the bankers and businesses we spawned and resented by the new generations, who see us as indolent and having had life easy.

All this has been created by us for you.

When will they learn? Thrift, hard work and committment are the factors of success not X.

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