The Eurozone debacle

I find the current situation very interesting,firstly from the point of view that not one politician seems to be dealing with it very well and also the huge difficulties that we as a nation and as a continent(Europe) are facing seems to be bringing us to quarrel and argue based on self interest without any consideration for the utilitarian perspective of the greater good.

Democracy is being virtually suspended in Europe(Italy and Greece now have an unelected CEO) and the criteria for leading well seems to be set in a very narrow sphere of experience, i.e. a financial background. We really are in big trouble on a global scale but it does not appear to be being dealt with on that basis. Also in my limited understanding, this all came about because the gambling bearpit of the sub prime was allowed to go on unhindered without  interference by those who govern, because it assured them of the next ticket into power. (A little tongue in cheek, I  grant you, but not much I suspect)

So it seems to me that the check and balance which was needed was the stabilising influence of public ownership.I am not suggesting a return to the bad old days of union interference in government policy or those who remember beer and sandwiches at Number 10, but I am suggesting that if all businesses had a less than 30% public ownership would that enable a hand on the tiller which still allowed entrepreneurial growth but  also prevented the excesses that we have seen over the last 10 years and which has almost brought us to our knees.

Perhaps in the same way that jury trials still maintain some semblance of ownership for the common man and woman in the street over the excesses of the judiciary perhaps a similar thing might have prevented the bright young things in the banking world bringing us to our knees with their unbridled enthusiasm for making money and bonuses,in that order.

It’s a thought not yet fully formed but one about which I would value your views.I know it is a little off the wall but hey! nobody else seems to be playing the long game, just let’s get through it all and then we can go back- To what? what will be normal in the future?

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