Ethics and the responsibility of leadership

Personal Ethics is now the most  prominent aspect of leadership for all,not just those who are hierarchically influential but all people who profess to be leaders and in that I include, parents,teachers,social leaders, politicians, business entrepreneurs and actually any individual who “impacts or influences another person” (Ferguson,The  Living Leader 2006).

The social media now affords any person the opportunity to question those who lead, quite rightly in my opinion and makes it difficult for anyone in public life to hide their indiscretions from those they lead. Ethics will come more and more to the fore, whoever you are and are ambitiously seeking to further one’s own career in whatever field of our new agora.Many in power are unsure how to deal with this new phenomenen, let us be sure that the old ways of doing things has now passed and “emotionally intelligent leadership” based on self awareness,self management,social awareness and maintaining effective relationships is paramount in order to be successful in the modern global information age. 

Hence the questioning of established practices  afforded by the revelations of #wikileaks, # MP’s expenses, #hackgate, #Arab Spring,# UK-Saudi bribes, #Werrity-Liam Fox and #The Monarchy’s slipshod dealings with the country’s minority groups. No longer can the institutions hide from us the truth.

A new ethical age is upon us all.

The Ethical Dimension of Personal Leadershipv2

The Ethical Dimension of Personal Leadership

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