At 2B Leadership and Diversity we believe that Diversity is an integral part of good leadership and so we extol “Managing Difference” as the epitome of effective relationships. This is an inclusive approach which recognises the needs of all groups and individuals whilst incorporating the statutory requirements of legislation in terms of policy, processes, “protected characteristics” and the role of Equality Impact Assessments in ensuring the General and Specific duties are met in Public Services and widen the customer appeal in Businesses.

We offer the opportunity in our training and coaching to help people to understand their own attitudes and behaviours and subsequently change the culture of the organisation to one of acceptance of others whatever their background.

This then allows the organisation to recruit, retain and progress the best people on merit improving service delivery and customer satisfaction which in turn widens the customer market ensuring all are treated as individuals and as favourably as possible.

We have over ten years experience in Diversity training and coaching at Strategic to Operational levels in Public Service and Business and are able to provide bespoke interventions in :-

  • Diversity Awareness
  • Equality Impact Assessment
  • Positive Action Programmes
  • Community and Customer Awareness
  • Customer Service/ Breakdown
  • Workplace Mediation